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35mm and 120 film reviews - Ikigai Camera Blog

Tri-X 400 - One Roll - Ben Whitmore - Project Dad

Peter Davison

At the beginning of this year, I set out my usual photography goals. Debrief the successes and failures of the previous year's projects and plan new ones. The biggest failure of 2016 for me was quitting a 365 project half way through, but the reason for that, without going into too much detail, was simply that the act of grabbing an image every day for a year wasn't making me a better photographer, it wasn't inspiring me to tell stories, it was merely a chore I needed to get done and the photos began to reflect that mindset.

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One Roll - JCH StreetPan 400

Peter Davison

StreetPan is the 400 speed, panchromatic brain-child of Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter fame. 

As the story goes, reeling from the discontinuation of Neopan 400 in 2014, Bellamy began investigating what it would take to bring a film to market that captured some of the distinct characteristics he most liked about Neopan 400.

And here it is.

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One Roll - Fujifilm Acros 100

Peter Davison

I’ll admit something. I’m a lazy shooter. I rarely shoot C-41 anymore because I like processing simply and quick at home, and because of this, Fujifilm Acros really lends itself to how I shoot.

I also predominantly shoot events such as weddings and small corporate jobs to make ends meet, so taking a camera that limits me to 36 exposures when I go out for my day means I am never expected to quickly take out my camera to do small odd jobs for friends and family… As I said I am a very lazy person.


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One Roll - A Review of Fujifilm Industrial 100

Peter Davison

Let’s get this out of the way. If I shoot colour, I’m generally a Kodak guy. Kodak’s Portra 400 and Ektar stocks make up most of my colour repertoire, which, to be fair, is diminishing as I lean toward shooting more and more black and white.

Peter from Ikigai shipped me up a roll of Fuji’s 35mm Industrial 100 – aka Fuji Color 100 – to test out along with a range of films he’d be stocking.

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