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One Roll - Cinestill 800T 120 Review

Peter Davison

Cinestill 800T - 120

It's been a long time coming but Cinestill 800T in 120 format is finally here! Well, almost. You'll need to wait another week or so before you can get your hands on it but we promise you won't be disappointed.

As most of you may already know, Cinestill 800T re-formatted Kodak motion picture stock that is balanced for tungsten, incandescent, and fluorescent light.

Like Cinestill 50D, this film has had the anti-halation layer removed so you can develop it at any lab along with your regular C41 films. This remjet removal results in a pretty unique "halation" effect or glow in the strong highlight areas which is very distinctive and part of what we think makes Cinestill great. 


So what's different in the jump from 35mm to 120? If you loved the 35mm you will be blown away with the 120. 

The jump to medium format means less apparent grain due to the size of the negative and an astonishing amount of resolution. 


If this film does well hopefully we'll see 50D at some stage in the future. Fingers crossed!

We can't wait to shoot more 800T and see what you all come up with when it ships!

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