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Ikigai Camera - Buy Kodak, Fujifilm, Ilford, Polaroid and Cinestill 35mm, 120 and instant film direct from Melbourne, Australia. Film developing and scanning also available

Film Services



Get the best from your film

Since we opened, it has been our goal to help you get the best out of your film.

That’s why we offer custom scanning preferences (including choice of scanner) along with file rotation and feedback on every order, so you get the results you shoot film for.

You can either post your film to us, use our after hours dropbox, or visit us in store.

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ikigai camera film developing order

How does it work?


Step 1. Fill in our online order form

Our online order form lets you quickly select your dev and scan preferences. Click the below button to enter our ordering system and to see our price list.


Step 2. Mail your film to us, bring it in, or use our after-hours dropbox

Post your film to our standard mailing address at PO Box 971, Williamstown, VIC 3016.

If you can’t make it to an Australia Post outlet, you can use our reply paid system.


If you'd like to drop your film off in person, simply come in!

Our store address is 62 Albemarle Street, Williamstown North.

We also have a weather-sealed dropbox available 24/7 if business hours are out of reach.


Step 3. Process and Scan

Depending on your preferences, we can scan your work on either our Frontier or Noritsu scanners. You can learn about the differences between them here

These industry titans both offer a unique look and now you can choose what best suits your work. 

When your scans are ready, we'll upload them to dropbox and text you the link when the upload is complete.

We keep your negatives on site until you're either ready to pick them up or have them shipped back to you.


Fujifilm Frontier

SP 3000




How we're different

Quick Online Ordering System

We're doing away with paper forms. Our system lets you place your order quickly with ease.

No more having to print, scan and email forms, so throw away your pen! 

We're keeping it simple so you can spend more time shooting.

Higher Resolution Scans

We've got some great scanners capable of very high resolutions and have a network that can handle large uploads quickly. This means we can offer our higher res scans for less.

We offer two scan sizes. Standard and High.

Our standard size is large enough for prints approximately 8-12” and our large scans approximately 12-18”

We've also partnered with Bridget Mac at Format scan to provide you with 10% off some already great prices on Flextight virtual drum scans. 

Bridget is great at what she does and whether you're exhibiting or just wanting to print big for yourself, it's hard to go past a virtual drum scan.

Click below for more info and just provide a recent Ikigai receipt for your discount.


Choice of Scanner

You can choose between using our Frontier or Noritsu scanners. Learn about the differences here

Photo rotation

We quality check all of our rolls and do a quick rotate to save you the trouble.


We provide feedback with each order should we see anything out of the ordinary or if we just have some advice to share.

Film ID

We sort and ID every roll by brand, type and ISO for your benefit.