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Basic & Premium C41 Development

Basic & Premium C41 Development


Choosing between Basic and Premium C41 development

For C41 film development we offer two services: basic and premium.

For our basic service, we use our Noritsu V-30 roller transport machine, and for our premium service we use a fully automatic Jobo ATL-3 rotary machine. 

The only difference between these two development methods is the amount of contact the machine has with your film. The chemistry used for both services is genuine Kodak Flexicolor chemistry.

Rotary Development 

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With our rotary system, your film is loaded onto a reel which is then loaded into a tank. This tank spins on its axis as chemistry is first warmed, then pumped in and out of the tank. During the development process your film only touches the reel. 

These machines require slightly more input from the operator as film must be removed from the cassette and manually loaded onto reels. When development is finished, these rolls must be separately dried in a drying cabinet. 

Roller Transport Development

With our roller transport machine, your film is loaded into a darkbox and then fed through foam rollers attached to a series of racks constantly immersed in the required chemistry and then through a dryer.

During the development process your film has constant contact with these rollers. These machines are typically used in every lab around the world because they're incredibly efficient and require minimal input by the operator. 

Due to the way these machines work, we are unable to push or pull process film via this method. 

So what should I choose?

That's entirely up to you!

Luckily, our roller transport machine is very well maintained and offers incredible value for money. Test strips are processed often and a thorough maintenance procedure is adhered to so we can ensure great results. 

Rotary development may be worthwhile if you need to push or pull your film, and offers an alternative if you're concerned with the amount of contact time with your negatives.