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Cinestill 50D - 35mm - 36 exp

Cinestill 50D 35mm 36 exposures
Cinestill 50D 35mm 36 exposures

Cinestill 50D - 35mm - 36 exp

  • Cinestill 50D - 35mm Film
  • Color Balanced Daylight (5500K) color negative motion picture film stock for use as still photography film
  • Factory spooled in 36 exposures high quality 135 Non Dx-Coded Cartridges
  • Rem-jet backing free, resulting in a unique halation effect
  • Unrivalled highlight latitude
  • Dynamic accurate color rendition
  • High resolution with maximum sharpness
  • Enhanced Scanning Performance
  • Great for portraits and landscapes
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Cinestill 50D - 35mm

50D is a fantastic daylight balanced colour negative film from the guys over at Cinestill. 

If you're looking for a cinematic look and you're shooting outdoors with plenty of available light, this is a great film to try.

Cinestill 50D is actually made from fresh Kodak 50D motion picture film which has been cut down for use in 35mm cameras.

The Cinestill stock has also had the anti-halation/rem-jet layer removed so it can be developed at any regular lab, rather than a specialist motion picture lab. 

50D exhibits a nice filmic grain with good dynamic range and a high degree of sharpness. Because the anti-halation layer is removed, you sometimes get a unique "glow" effect with certain lighting situations as shown below. Very cool!

Recommended subjects: Portraiture, Landscape Photography