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Ikigai Camera - Buy Kodak, Fujifilm, Ilford, Polaroid and Cinestill 35mm, 120 and instant film direct from Melbourne, Australia. Film developing and scanning also available


Ikigai Camera - Buy Kodak, , Fujifilm, Ilford and more photo film online. Direct from Melbourne, Australia - 35mm, 120 film, 220 film, film accessories and development chemicals. Colour negative, Black and White and Slide

Kodak 50D/7203 - Super 8 - Colour Negative Film - 50 FT


Kodak 50D/7203 - Super 8 - Colour Negative Film - 50 FT

  • Daylight-Balanced Colour Neg.

  • Exposure Index of 50 in Daylight

  • Expanded Highlight Latitude

  • Fine Grain and Sharpness

  • Wide Dynamic Range

  • Well-Suited to Digital Post-Production

  • Process in ECN-2 Chemistry

  • Super 8 Cartridge, Single Perf.

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Kodak Vision3 50D Super 8 - Colour Negative Film #7203 - 50 FT

KODAK VISION3 50D Color Negative Film 5203/7203 is a low speed daylight-balanced addition to the VISION3 Film portfolio offering the world’s finest grain to ensure a pristine, clean image that is full of color and detail. Like other films in the VISION3 Film family, VISION3 50D Film features unrivaled highlight latitude, flexibility in postproduction, and proven archival stability. The expanded dynamic range allows for increased creative control in the extremes of exposure, especially high contrast daylight exteriors. Advances in grain and sharpness along with increased exposure latitude also make this film ideal for recorder output.

Develop in ECN-2 chemistry.

We have all of our Super 8 handled by the folks at Nanolab